As a web designer and developer, product manager, speaker, and author, I help teams build great things for people on the internet. Since March 2018 I’m currently serving as a product manager at Google.

From 2011 to 2018 I was part of the team behind Adobe Typekit, a pioneering subscription service for fonts that’s now part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. As product manager, I led the development and launches of several major feature releases, including visual search, Typekit Marketplace, and Typekit’s mid-2016 responsive redesign, and contributed to most other projects as a member of Typekit’s leadership team. As an engineer I led projects to migrate the original Typekit web app to Ruby on Rails, did the initial work to integrate with Elasticsearch, Adobe ID, and Adobe’s localization system, and served as technical owner for our Braintree-powered e-commerce system.

Before joining Adobe, I worked on a small team building a local listings product for Metromix, a joint venture of Gannett & Tribune, and before that I designed and built media and social web apps for clients including DirecTV, Viacom, ABC, and T-26.

In 2016, A Book Apart published my first book, Git for Humans, an introductory guide to version control and Git aimed at web designers, authors, and other less-technical folks. In the book I set out to explain fundamental Git concepts and functions so that users would feel more confident when encountering some of the tool’s rough edges. As of 2018 the book has been translated into French and Korean. I’ve also written articles for Typekit’s blog and A List Apart, as well as on my own blog on Medium.

I live and work in the suburbs of New York City with my wife Jody Weinmann, and our daughter June.