• For a few dollars more

    Apple Watch pricing, expressed in terms of upgrades relative to other models: Sport models only come with Sport Bands, and both the space gray and silver cost the same. The 42mm cases are always more expensive, but for us mere mortals, it’s always just a $50 premium. (Not only is the 42mm bigger, for bigger-handed… Read more

  • Living With Two Laptops (and Two Platforms)

    Now I have two laptops. My MacBook Pro is relatively huge, but not that big, and it does absolutely everything I could want it to do, in style. My Surface Pro is smaller, thinner, and lighter. It does virtually everything—certainly anything involving documents or that can be done in a web browser—plus a couple of… Read more

  • I Got a Microsoft Surface Pro 3

    And I’m surprised to say I really like it. Granted, it’s a second computer—I feel permission to like it, because if the going gets rough I can always retreat to the safety of my fully loaded MacBook Pro. But as a lightweight, powerful second computer that happens to have all my Dropbox files, a desktop-class version… Read more

  • Paul Ford on File Formats

    Paul Ford writes for The Manual about some of his favorite file formats, and along the way discusses the difference between WordPerfect, a good word processor that ultimately failed with users, and Microsoft Word, which is Microsoft Word. WordPerfect was always the best word processor. Because it allowed for insight into its very structure. You… Read more

  • Using Custom Fonts in iOS 7+

    Something a lot of people don’t know about iOS is that, since the release of iOS 7 last year, it’s finally possible to install third-party fonts and use them in apps. The catch is that fonts can only be installed via a configuration profile, a janky bit of XML designed to allow companies to load… Read more

  • Blogging from Drafts on iOS 8

    Having laid the philosophical groundwork for how I want to blog, let’s talk tools. I wrote the last post in Drafts. I’ve done all my recent writing in Drafts; it’s good and, more importantly, conveniently available in my pocket. Writing on a small mobile device is a good encouragement to keep things nice and short;… Read more