David Demaree

Tribune CEO Bans 119 Words/Phrases From His Airwaves

This story has made the rounds as an example of how Randy Michaels is crazy. And yeah, I'll grant that distributing weasel-word 'bingo' cards and asking Tribune employees to rat each other out just because of the CEO thinks making his newscasts plainer-spoken will result in more profit is definitely on the spectrum of crazy, and is absolutely the wrong way to go about this.

But can I just say that some of the phrases on Michaels' list are genuinely stupid, and should probably not be uttered anywhere, especially on the news?

  • Eye Rack or Eye Ran
  • Mute point (It's moot point, but don't say that either)
  • Senseless murder
  • Touch base
  • Utilize (you mean use)
  • White stuff (it's called snow)

Admit it: how many times have you lefty intellectuals sniggered at that YouTube video of Miss South Carolina talking about "the Eye Rack"?