• The Full Coinbase

    The Full Coinbase

    A step-by-step guide to making any workplace crisis about you. Read more

  • The ‘Rework’ Podcast Goes Dark

    Sorry, one more Basecamp link: Jason Fried and DHH (and other 37signals/Basecamp folks, allegedly) wrote a book called Rework about “the better way to work and run your business,” which has a spinoff podcast covering a mix of Basecamp behind-the-scenes and overall thought leadership, hosted by Wailin Wong and Shaun Hildner. It’s basically a nice… Read more

  • What really happened at Basecamp

    In response to the Basecamp partners’ “full Coinbase” heel turn that I wrote about yesterday, Casey Newton spoke with Jason Fried, DHH, and numerous employees and reported on what’s been going on behind the scenes: The controversy that embroiled enterprise software maker Basecamp this week began more than a decade ago, with a simple list of customers.… Read more

  • Back to Basic at Basecamp

    Back to Basic at Basecamp

    The company that wrote “It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work” responds to craziness at work Read more

  • Thoughts on Apple’s “Spring Loaded” Event

    Thoughts on Apple’s “Spring Loaded” Event

    If you were hoping for Apple to sell you a $350 keychain, I have good news! Read more

  • How To Blog

    How To Blog

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ve simply forgotten how to blog. Little (shit)posts about whatever interested me used to come so easily — I’m sitting on over 1,000 entries from 2002-2008, from my original Movable Type blog, along with a few hundred from my old Tumblr. Most of those were gushing about some tech company or… Read more