• On “authority”

    On “authority”

    Some thoughts about a long-standing cliche about product leadership. Read more

  • People over work product

    It may seem like the work is more important than people, but it’s just a side effect of bringing together a team. Read more

  • 2019 in Review

    For whatever reason, while I’ve not hesitated to write tech/business think pieces or IT tutorials on my personal blog all these years, I’ve never written a simple year (or decade) in review post. Work 2019 was my first full year at Google, and on the Material Design team. It takes about a year to figure… Read more

  • Hello world.

    Last August I spoke at the excellent Web Directions Product conference in Melbourne, and found myself wishing I still had a blog up and running to develop and share some of the ideas from my talk, and other ideas about product, and just stuff I like, like I used to do back in the day.… Read more

  • Blogging is a Pain in the Ass

    Blogging is a Pain in the Ass

    Thoughts on blogging, or trying to blog, in 2018 Read more

  • Something New

    Something New

    22 February 2011 was my first day on the Typekit team. 23 February 2018 will be my last one. After seven years, Iā€™m moving on from Adobe to do something new. Read more