• Obama Cuts Funding For Useless Moon Missions

    Can we seriously say we want him to be responsible about fixing out $8 trillion deficit, then complain that we're not gonna have a Hilton on the moon? No. No we can't. Read more

  • Zeldman: Flash, iPad, Standards

    Jeffrey Zeldman: Lack of Flash in the iPad (and before that, in the iPhone) is a win for accessible, standards-based design. Not because Flash is bad, but because the increasing popularity of devices that don’t support Flash is going to force recalcitrant web developers to build the semantic HTML layer first. Additional layers of Flash… Read more

  • DF: What if Flash Were an Open Standard?

    Gruber, in discussing the current blogstorm over Apple's continued non-support for Adobe Flash in iPhone OS, touches on why Apple—who certainly have no problem with proprietary technology so long as it's theirs—are being such champs about keeping core internet technologies like WebKit free and open source: It’s indisputable that Apple seeks large amounts of control… Read more

  • OmniGroup: iPad or Bust

    Omni CEO Ken Case: We’re really excited about Apple’s iPad, and we want to make all of our products available for it as soon as we can. Yes, we already had a big year planned for 2010, with several long-anticipated major product releases—but we think iPad is really important: important enough to spend some time… Read more

  • Ferran Adrià is closing El Bulli for two years to tinker

    Via Salt & Fat: The inventive Spanish restaurant is currently only open for half a year as it is and quite possibly the most difficult reservation in the world. The good news is that he’s compiling everything he learns during his hiatus into an encyclopedia — stocking stuffer in 2014? Read more

  • WSJ: Sharp Expands Its TV Color Palette With Yellow

    Whoa: While televisions have transformed from bulky and boxy to slim and sleek over the last decade, one thing hasn't changed. The basics of displaying color on TVs still derive from the same three fundamental building blocks: red, green and blue. In what Sharp Corp. is calling a "revolutionary" breakthrough, the company says it has… Read more