• Jason Calacanis Says Apple Gave Him A Tablet

    Calacanis says it has an OLED screen, a solar panel for recharging, an HDTV tuner and a DVR built-in. He also says there's a Farmville app for the Tablet, that Steve Jobs himself is going to demo it onstage today, and it's "insane." (Note to future fake rumormongers: Steve Jobs never demos third-party apps, and… Read more

  • Dungeons & Dragons Prison Ban Upheld

    The words are the NYT's, but italics are mine: Prison officials said they banned the game at the recommendation of the prison’s specialist in gangs, who said it could lead to gang behavior and fantasies about escape. The game could “foster an inmate’s obsession with escaping from the real-life correctional environment, fostering hostility, violence and… Read more

  • Dustin Curtis has pictures of The Tablet.

    Well, maybe. They look real, and they look right. The Tablet could just be a gigantic iPod touch, or this could be a gigantic hoax. 24 hours to go until we find out. Read more

  • Predictions for Wednesday’s Apple Event

    When writing about things I'm passionate about, such as Apple products, I tend to be long-winded in a misguided attempt to demonstrate just how much I know about the subject at hand. This usually results in me spending days crafting a perfect post, which I either publish (and come off looking like a crazy know-it-all)… Read more

  • Surviving the Giant Crystal Cave

    The producer of the BBC2 documentary series "How Earth Made Us" visited Mexico's Cueva de los Cristales, a place he describes as "the deadliest place on earth": It's 50oC and has a humidity of 100%, less than a hundred people have been inside and it's so deadly that even with respirators and suits of ice… Read more

  • McLaundry

    Mark Vanhoenacker visits, compares and contrasts two icons of American food—Thomas Keller's French Laundry, and Mickey D's—and finds them to be, in some ways, not all that different from each other: At McDonald's one is not likely to be served such French Laundry delights as a Tajine of Sweetbreads or Confit de Coeur de Veau.… Read more