• OkCupid on the 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures

    Once again, the math geniuses at OkCupid mined their users' data and struck gold, drawing some interesting connections between message/response rates and profile pics: Now, you’re always told to look happy and make eye contact in social situations, but at least for your online dating photo, that’s just not optimal advice. For women, a smile… Read more

  • Show and Sell

    Joel Johnson on the secret to Apple’s magic: Outwardly Apple’s showmanship is competent, workmanlike. Jobs-as-performer wears an understated uniform that does not distract from the act. His humor, when it exists, is subtle. The closest an Apple keynote gets to pomp are pie charts that look like wooden logs. Yet when Jobs reveals the company’s… Read more

  • Apple Sees New Money in Old Media

    The WSJ: Apple has recently been in discussions with book, magazine and newspaper publishers about how they can work together. The company has talked with New York Times Co., Condé Nast Publications Inc. and HarperCollins Publishers and its owner News Corp., which also owns The Wall Street Journal, over content for the tablet, say people… Read more

  • Post-Partisanship Epic Fail?

    It's worth remembering that we didn't end up with a crippled health care bill because Democrats just felt like giving a gift to the insurance industry. It's also because Republicans told them they'd vote for the bill if it got turned into mush, so Democrats turned it to mush, and the Republicans voted against it… Read more

  • Pleased to Meet You, Won’t You Guess My Name?

    While working on a little Rails project this week, I discovered something very interesting (and little-documented) in ActiveSupport: Module.model_name. It's a core extension to support Rails's handling of models as RESTful resources, as in the examples below: # BlogPost is a subclass of ActiveRecord::Base @blog_post = BlogPost.find(108) # Same as render “blog_posts/blog_post”, :object => @blog_post… Read more

  • What Google Chrome could still learn from Safari

    Chrome (or Chromium) has been my default browser for about two weeks now. (I was using Chromium nightlies, with bookmark syncing and Extensions, until a few days ago when those features trickled down to dev channel builds of reg'lar old Chrome.) Also, I've noticed most of my colleagues at work — most of them hardcore… Read more