What Twitter’s API Announcement Could Have Said

Anil Dash polishes Michael Sippey's pre-announcement of Twitter's new API v1.1, which has the entire internet throwing a tremendous (if possibly justifiable) hissy fit: We have awesome news for Twitter developers: Today we're announcing the upcoming release of the biggest new set of features and changes to the Twitter API ever, which we're calling Twitter […]

Tweet Nest

A really nice lightweight PHP app for archiving and browsing your Tweets on your own server. Installed it on my personal site in less than 5 minutes, then lost at least half an hour exploring the stuff I was tweeting about in 2009. For example, here's how I reacted when Jeff Veen announced Typekit, long […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The New

Of interest to Twitter Platform developers: the new site uses a new version of the @anywhere JavaScript SDK announced at the Chirp conference in April. And the other big Chirp announcement—Annotations, which would allow API developers to embed custom metadata in tweets—has been put on hold to free up manpower for the new site launch.

From 2006: How Odeo Screwed Up

Blast from the past: The interesting part is Odeo still exists, and Williams is still CEO. So what’s he doing to fix these mistakes? Not refunding the VCs their investment, that’s for sure. And not even trying to earn revenue; Williams freely admitted Odeo hasn’t yet settled on a business model. However, the company did […]

Elements of Twitter Style

Daniel Jalkut: Twitter’s 140 character limitation beguiles and infuriates its users. At its best, it forces users to come up with the most concise, purest of language expressions for their thoughts. At its worst, it leaves users “just a few characters shy” of pure genius. The advice in this section is intended to clarify how […]