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  • Monkeys & Typewriters

    Monkeys & Typewriters

    An AI luddite stops worrying and learns to have fun making weird stuff with robots.

  • Embracing ‘Read-Only’ Mode During Covid

    My friend Sally Kerrigan wrote this last year, about accepting that a pandemic is not the best time to be creative, and deciding to intentionally enter a “read-only” mode: It seems like writing should be the easy thing to do as a quarantine project. I mean, all the ingredients every introverted writer dreams of are […]

  • How To Blog

    How To Blog

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ve simply forgotten how to blog. Little (shit)posts about whatever interested me used to come so easily — I’m sitting on over 1,000 entries from 2002-2008, from my original Movable Type blog, along with a few hundred from my old Tumblr. Most of those were gushing about some tech company or […]

  • Blogging is a Pain in the Ass

    Blogging is a Pain in the Ass

    Thoughts on blogging, or trying to blog, in 2018