Google Chrome for iOS

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Those are four words I never thought I'd use in the same sentence, unless that sentence went on to say "will never happen". Announced today at Google I/O, Chrome is — like nearly every other third-party browser for iOS — just a wrapper around Apple's standard UIWebView component, which uses the same browsing engine as Mobile Safari, but without the Nitro Engine JIT compiler that makes JavaScript execution super crazy fast. So while JavaScript performance is one of the hallmarks of Chrome on the desktop, that's certainly not the case here, as AnandTech demonstrated via SunSpider benchmarks.

However, everything else about Chrome on iOS is surprisingly really great. Chrome integrates nicely with Google services including syncing bookmarks, tabs, and history, offers automatic login for Google web apps such as Gmail, and has the same awesome omnibar search as its desktop cousin. It's definitely worth trying out.