Jason Calacanis Says Apple Gave Him A Tablet

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Calacanis says it has an OLED screen, a solar panel for recharging, an HDTV tuner and a DVR built-in. He also says there's a Farmville app for the Tablet, that Steve Jobs himself is going to demo it onstage today, and it's "insane." (Note to future fake rumormongers: Steve Jobs never demos third-party apps, and companies that aren't household brands like EA or the New York Times are never given early access to Apple SDKs.)

When someone's either delusional or lying, you need to ask: qui bono? What do they stand to gain from the lie? If this were true, it doesn't matter how much he loves the device: Apple will never, ever give Jason Calacanis access to them again. And if it's not, we'll all know it in a few hours and he'll look like a liar, if not insane.

Update: @shanev answers the question of why Calacanis would pull a lame stunt like this.