Joshua Topolsky: “Dear Michael Arrington…”

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Topolsky is the editor of Engadget, a blog Arrington thinks has some kind of vendetta against his own blog TechCrunch, despite the fact that they're both owned by (and part of the same business unit of) AOL. Arrington did a good (where by "good" I mean "thoroughly paranoid") job of summarizing his beefs with Engadget in a TechCrunch post today, and this is Topolsky's response:

Our position is that you are an unstable person, possibly a liar, and we are trying our best to do our jobs while you are trying your best to hurt us for some unclear reason. Your attacks are a distraction.

Mike Arrington is, as an AOL employee, a disaster waiting to happen. There's simply nothing he won't say if it pops into his head, and some really nasty, libelous things have been known to pop into his head.