Mobile FontFonts: Awesome Fonts for iOS Apps

Now this is interesting: FontFont have released a series of 14 of their best fonts — including Basic Gothic, Tisa, and Yoga — as iOS-optimized TTF/OTF files, for developers to include in iOS apps.

Including a custom font in an iOS project is not technically very hard — seriously, you just add the files to your project, update one .plist file, and you're set. But good fonts that render well in an app can be difficult to find, and expensive to license. The best, most interesting thing about FontFont's mobile lineup, therefore, is the pricing: a single mobile font pack costs between $150-200 for up to five developers. No time limits, no royalties, just a one-time fee.

You can use the same fonts to render HTML5 content in a UIWebView, though to be very clear, this isn't the same thing as a web font license, which FontFont also sells. The difference is that these fonts are meant to be embedded in your iOS app directly but not served over a network, whereas with web fonts you're allowed to serve them to web pages but not embed them.

If you want to kick the tires before you buy, there's a sample project available on GitHub which even includes one free font, the mobile version of FF Basic Gothic Black Italic.