Simple Elegance.

TechCrunch says the upcoming Foursquare app for Windows Phone 7 “destroys” its iPhone counterpart with its “simple elegance.”

I have to admit, the WP7S version is a lot simpler. None of that pesky “information” to clutter the display, just big fonts and a fancy dark color scheme.

foursquare iphone vs wp7s

And Foursquare for WP7S™ is an app with questions. “What’s going on?” “Where are my friends?” That’s a good one—where are my friends? Are they even my friends?

The iPhone version shows you nearby places right on the first screen. Windows Phone doesn’t even tell you it knows where you are. But that doesn’t stop it from asking you what’s going on. What is going on? What’s the point of all this checking in, all these badges and mayorships?

Foursquare for Windows Phone may have the answers to these questions, but you’ll have to tap buttons (and then maybe more buttons) to get them. It makes you work for wisdom, and doesn’t really promise you’ll find it.

The iPhone app, on the other hand, doesn’t have time for any of that Socratic bullshit. It’s too busy telling you what you wanted to know.