Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures

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Mark Richardson, for Pitchfork:

"Wicked Game" covers were as common this year as covers of Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" were in 2007. Washed Out's tossed-off take was weak, but something about the Widowspeak's carbon-copy version hit home when I working through Retromania. Faithful covers of existing songs are as old as popular music, but something here felt new: It was part of what I heard as the subtle Tumblr-ization of indie; music-making as re-blog. They weren't just covering a song that they loved, they were essentially re-producing it, unchanged, and saying, "This is me." It's the band as lonely teenager in a bedroom: What do people think of me? "Oh that band Widowspeak? They're the ones that are into Lynch, right? 'Wicked Game'?"

At the end he references the "Most Photographed Barn in the World" passage from Don DeLillo's White Noise, a passage I think about at least every other week.