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  • Make the most of any monitor with BetterDisplay

    Make the most of any monitor with BetterDisplay

    I’ve been using a wonderful, mostly-free, open-source Mac utility called BetterDisplay, it has been a game-changer, and I recommend it super super highly. (I say mostly-free because, while most features are free, you can buy an optional pro license for $15 that unlocks everything.) macOS is way worse than Windows 11 at managing multiple displays, […]

  • The fandomification of global conflict

    Ryan Broderick rounded up the internet’s reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which by the way has exemplified all the ways the internet has broken all of our brains more than anything I’ve seen in the last 20 years. For the rest of the world experiencing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine via social media, it has […]

  • Bird, Caged

    Bird, Caged

    Scaling back Twitter before my brain gets any mushier

  • “The right words on climate have already been said”

    Sarah Miller writes about how it feels to talk and write about climate change now that the first wave of climate disasters have begun: I probably talked for 11 minutes straight. I told her I didn’t have anything to say about climate change anymore, other than that I was not doing well, that I was […]

  • Embracing ‘Read-Only’ Mode During Covid

    My friend Sally Kerrigan wrote this last year, about accepting that a pandemic is not the best time to be creative, and deciding to intentionally enter a “read-only” mode: It seems like writing should be the easy thing to do as a quarantine project. I mean, all the ingredients every introverted writer dreams of are […]

  • Panic’s ‘Code Editor’, and the Lack of Pro Apps for iPad

    Panic’s ‘Code Editor’, and the Lack of Pro Apps for iPad

    After nine years, Panic has discontinued Code Editor, the iOS version of their web development app combining a text editor, file transfer client, and terminal. They blame poor sales — the app wasn’t selling enough copies to fund its continued development, which was also the case for Panic’s now-discontinued Transmit iOS and Status Board apps. […]

  • The ‘Rework’ Podcast Goes Dark

    Sorry, one more Basecamp link: Jason Fried and DHH (and other 37signals/Basecamp folks, allegedly) wrote a book called Rework about “the better way to work and run your business,” which has a spinoff podcast covering a mix of Basecamp behind-the-scenes and overall thought leadership, hosted by Wailin Wong and Shaun Hildner. It’s basically a nice […]

  • What really happened at Basecamp

    In response to the Basecamp partners’ “full Coinbase” heel turn that I wrote about yesterday, Casey Newton spoke with Jason Fried, DHH, and numerous employees and reported on what’s been going on behind the scenes: The controversy that embroiled enterprise software maker Basecamp this week began more than a decade ago, with a simple list of customers. […]

  • Back to Basic at Basecamp

    Back to Basic at Basecamp

    The company that wrote “It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work” responds to craziness at work

  • How To Blog

    How To Blog

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ve simply forgotten how to blog. Little (shit)posts about whatever interested me used to come so easily — I’m sitting on over 1,000 entries from 2002-2008, from my original Movable Type blog, along with a few hundred from my old Tumblr. Most of those were gushing about some tech company or […]