Ben Thompson on Apple’s Privacy Stance

Ben Thompson makes a good point in today’s Stratechery Daily Update (paywalled) about Tim Cook’s privacy stance, and his comments about Google’s business model that I previously and half-jokingly described as “throwing shade”. Thompson writes: First, it’s simply not true to say that Google or Facebook are selling off your data: what they are doing is promising […]

iPhoto & Aperture Now Use The Same Data Format

Sure sure, yesterday's Apple announcements — iOS 6, Mountain Lion, the new MacBook Pro with Retina display — were really cool and amazing and all that. But what really made me jump out of my chair with excitement was the news that Aperture 3.3 and iPhoto 9.3 now totally use the same library data format. […]

The Desktop Transition

Michael Lopp, explaining why the Exposé and Spaces features of Mac OS X never really caught on, and why Apple's completely re-imagined them in Lion: How would you react if, whenever you were wondering where something was on your desktop, I’d show up, pull every single thing off it and show it to you in […]

Neven Mrgan Compares iMac, HP & Dell’s Websites

Turns out almost everything you need to know about the differences between these companies can be found out by just looking at how differently they show off their flagship products on the Web. Apple's iMac site is clean, focused, and packed with ad-formational detail. The other guys' sites are, well, less so.

Apple Announces WWDC ’10 Dates: June 7–11

First thing I thought when I saw this: "huh, so for all that trouble Gizmodo only beat the iPhone 4G announcement by what, 7 weeks?" (It's expected Steve Jobs will announce the next iPhone at WWDC, as he's done the last two years in a row.) Tickets are $1,599, and will sell out. Also worth […]

No, Actually, It’s Not Like That At All

Last night I had the following brief Twitter exchange with a fellow about the whole Gizmodo-stolen iPhone affair: ddemaree: @esoneill @chartier Property != information. If the seller had sold them photos of the stolen iPhone, they might've been in the clear. esoneill: @ddemaree @chartier But, arguably, all property contains information of some kind. The Watergate […]