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  • Adobe’s CTO: Flash Player is Fine, Thank You, We’re Fixing It Anyway

    So, they don't have any known crashing bugs, and until now haven't seen much need to actually write a Mac-optimized version of Flash Player. Except now they're rewriting Flash's graphics engine, going from a direct port of the Windows version to new Mac-optimized code that makes use of Apple's Core Animation framework. While a lot […]

  • DF: What if Flash Were an Open Standard?

    Gruber, in discussing the current blogstorm over Apple's continued non-support for Adobe Flash in iPhone OS, touches on why Apple—who certainly have no problem with proprietary technology so long as it's theirs—are being such champs about keeping core internet technologies like WebKit free and open source: It’s indisputable that Apple seeks large amounts of control […]

  • Jason Calacanis Says Apple Gave Him A Tablet

    Calacanis says it has an OLED screen, a solar panel for recharging, an HDTV tuner and a DVR built-in. He also says there's a Farmville app for the Tablet, that Steve Jobs himself is going to demo it onstage today, and it's "insane." (Note to future fake rumormongers: Steve Jobs never demos third-party apps, and […]

  • Predictions for Wednesday’s Apple Event

    When writing about things I'm passionate about, such as Apple products, I tend to be long-winded in a misguided attempt to demonstrate just how much I know about the subject at hand. This usually results in me spending days crafting a perfect post, which I either publish (and come off looking like a crazy know-it-all) […]

  • Apple Sees New Money in Old Media

    The WSJ: Apple has recently been in discussions with book, magazine and newspaper publishers about how they can work together. The company has talked with New York Times Co., Condé Nast Publications Inc. and HarperCollins Publishers and its owner News Corp., which also owns The Wall Street Journal, over content for the tablet, say people […]