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Tapbots: Don’t Panic

Paul Haddad explains what Twitter's new guidelines (which I discussed a bit in my last post) mean for the future of Tweetbot. If the title wasn't enough indication, while Haddad doesn't sound thrilled, in short they're not worried about it.

What Twitter’s API Announcement Could Have Said

Anil Dash polishes Michael Sippey's pre-announcement of Twitter's new API v1.1, which has the entire internet throwing a tremendous (if possibly justifiable) hissy fit: We have awesome news for Twitter developers: Today we're announcing the upcoming release of the biggest new set of features and changes to the Twitter API ever, which we're calling Twitter […]

TextMate is now open-source

OMFG. This isn't just an interesting move, it was probably the only way the TextMate 2 story could end, apart from the whole project—and TextMate's six-year legacy as the first great OS X-native editor—being abandoned and dying out. Though, as Marco Arment points out, this is more or less the same thing. TextMate development can […]

Steve Klabnik on Ruby testing with factories

Steve Klabnik writes about how the popular pattern of using object factories (via a library such as FactoryGirl or Fabrication) to build and save objects in tests has, in his opinion, set Ruby testing practices back two years or more. I wholeheartedly agree with Steve that there's a problem, but I'm not sure if it's […]

Google Chrome for iOS

Those are four words I never thought I'd use in the same sentence, unless that sentence went on to say "will never happen". Announced today at Google I/O, Chrome is — like nearly every other third-party browser for iOS — just a wrapper around Apple's standard UIWebView component, which uses the same browsing engine as […]

Apple Releases “Podcasts” App

Finally. Podcasts is a standalone podcast-listening app similar in concept to Instacast, only instead of 99 cents this one costs nothing. And being from Apple, it's officially the only podcatcher or music app on the App Store that can download content directly into the iPhone's music library, so your podcasts and subscriptions aren't just locked […]

Shawn Blanc Reviews Reeder 3

I've been beta testing this new version for weeks, and pretty much everything Blanc writes is accurate. This is a major upgrade that makes reading RSS feeds on your iPhone a lot nicer. Available now on the App Store for $3; current users can upgrade for free.

iPhoto & Aperture Now Use The Same Data Format

Sure sure, yesterday's Apple announcements — iOS 6, Mountain Lion, the new MacBook Pro with Retina display — were really cool and amazing and all that. But what really made me jump out of my chair with excitement was the news that Aperture 3.3 and iPhoto 9.3 now totally use the same library data format. […]

Coda 2 & Diet Coda

Hell yes. I've been beta testing Coda 2 for a few weeks — it's a fantastic update, still very much the same Coda I've enjoyed using for years, but totally cleaned up and refreshed. It's still the best way to edit static/PHP web sites on the Mac. Which does mean, alas, it's not ideal (in […]

Regarding ‘The Talk Show’

Dan Benjamin responds to his pal John Gruber's decision to move The Talk Show to Mule Radio Syndicate, away from Dan's 5by5 network (and, obviously, away from Dan). I don't really have a dog in this fight, unlike some other people who seem to be really caught up in drama over which podcast is on […]