Panic’s ‘Code Editor’, and the Lack of Pro Apps for iPad

After nine years, Panic has discontinued Code Editor, the iOS version of their web development app combining a text editor, file transfer client, and terminal. They blame poor sales — the app wasn’t selling enough copies to fund its continued development, which was also the case for Panic’s now-discontinued Transmit iOS and Status Board apps. […]

iOS 4.2 Beta Drops, and Apple Announces ‘AirPrint’

The first developer beta of iOS 4.2—the first 4.x release that's compatible with the iPad—is now available to registered iOS Developer Program members. The new software will include a new wireless printing technology called 'AirPrint'; iOS devices (including iPhones and iPads) will be able to print to shared printers attached to their Macs/PCs, or directly […]

Dustin Curtis: “The Death of Files”

This guy gets it: When you want to eat, you go to the refrigerator. When you want to listen to music, you go to your stereo system. Completing these actions just requires knowing the locations of the things you want to use. If you want to look at photos in the real world, everything you […]

Ten Weeks Later…

Yesterday was the iPad's launch day. It's a new beginning, and the consensus so far seems to be that the iPad really is a new kind of device, that the future of computing will look more like this magical multi-touch gadget than the clunky keyboard-and-mouse jobs we've been using these last two decades. What was […]

The Soloist

Zach Holman hypothesizes that the iPad's lack of multitasking as we know it — its single-window UI paradigm — isn't a bug, or just a feature, but the secret sauce that makes iPhone OS apps so tasty. You play differently when you're on stage by yourself than when you're in a 300-piece marching band. Each […]

Steve Jobs Fires Up iPad For E-mail

Never let it be said Apple's CEO doesn't use his own products: for the second time recently an Apple customer reports having gotten a one-word e-mail answer to a question from Jobs himself. The latest question: will the iPhone OS get a unified email inbox like Mail on the Mac? To which Jobs replied: "Yep." […]

No more computers.

Most people wouldn't even think of file management as a feature of traditional computers; files are just always there, like grass or rocks, part of the landscape. It's not just that filesystems are ubiquitous. From a technical standpoint, especially in Unix-like systems like OS X, the filesystem really is the computer, or at least a […]

Apple Lets Out a Few More iPad Details

Not only can you now [pre-order][ippo] or [reserve][ipr] the iPad, Apple has updated their site with some fresh info about the device. The biggest news is about the iBooks app: yes, it will support DRM-free ePub books from any publisher, meaning tech books from O'Reilly and the Pragmatic Programmers, as well as a vast selection […]

iPad Has a Ship Date: April 3

That's just the regular Wi-Fi model; Wi-Fi + 3G ones aren't out until "late April." Both versions will be available for pre-order (either for shipping, or for in-store pickup at an Apple Retail Store) starting next Friday, March 12. Note that the shipping iPad does not have a camera. (Not that any sane person expected […]