The iPad is smaller than you think.

Dave Pell: “I Can’t Read Anything Longer Than This Headline” The introduction of the iPad has re-energized an ongoing technology debate. Is it better to have one device that does a whole lot of things, or do certain activities require a device all their own? I have a device vibrating in my pocket, resting on […]

OmniGroup: iPad or Bust

Omni CEO Ken Case: We’re really excited about Apple’s iPad, and we want to make all of our products available for it as soon as we can. Yes, we already had a big year planned for 2010, with several long-anticipated major product releases—but we think iPad is really important: important enough to spend some time […]

Jason Calacanis Says Apple Gave Him A Tablet

Calacanis says it has an OLED screen, a solar panel for recharging, an HDTV tuner and a DVR built-in. He also says there's a Farmville app for the Tablet, that Steve Jobs himself is going to demo it onstage today, and it's "insane." (Note to future fake rumormongers: Steve Jobs never demos third-party apps, and […]

Predictions for Wednesday’s Apple Event

When writing about things I'm passionate about, such as Apple products, I tend to be long-winded in a misguided attempt to demonstrate just how much I know about the subject at hand. This usually results in me spending days crafting a perfect post, which I either publish (and come off looking like a crazy know-it-all) […]

Apple Sees New Money in Old Media

The WSJ: Apple has recently been in discussions with book, magazine and newspaper publishers about how they can work together. The company has talked with New York Times Co., Condé Nast Publications Inc. and HarperCollins Publishers and its owner News Corp., which also owns The Wall Street Journal, over content for the tablet, say people […]