Google’s Creep Executive Officer

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John Gruber speculates that if Google has become creepy in the last year or two, that may be attributable to the creepiness of CEO Eric Schmidt. Where by "creepy", he means "amoral" and "willing to sacrifice privacy for mobile or ad profits":

More and more, I get the feeling that if there’s a rift between the old “Don’t be evil” Google and the new “Let’s do whatever we want” Google, that it’s a rift between Schmidt and Larry/Sergey — if not personally, then at least culturally within the company. On the one side, the Larry/Sergey Google that makes amazing cool things — the search engine, Gmail, Android. On the other, the Schmidt Google that, in its efforts to serve ads as efficiently as possible, no longer seems concerned with the traditional Western concept of personal privacy.

This rings true, though it seems too easy an explanation to say Schmidt's Google is creepy because it only cares about money. Another possibility is that when he says he thinks users want Google to tell them what to do and what to like, he means exactly that. And that, my friends, is really creepy.