I Like You, That’s Why I Stuck This Dirty Piece of Paper Into Your Food

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The latest trend in online dating (according to the NYT): printed calling cards you casually slip to hot strangers you're too nervous to walk over and talk to:

Willa Bernstein, 43, who uses Cheek’d, was recently making eyes with a man at the Soho Grand Hotel but was feeling shy, so she dispatched a friend to slip him a card on her behalf. Ms. Bernstein was not bold that night, but the words on her card were: “I’m looking forward to our first date.”

“I felt a little bit high school,” confessed Ms. Bernstein, a former government lawyer who now heads the philanthropy company Manthropy. “It was just a little intimidating to cross the room.”

No matter. The next morning she awoke to find a message in her Cheekd.com mailbox. “My only regret from last night,” wrote the man from the Soho Grand, “was that you didn’t come over and introduce yourself in person.”

The founder of Cheek'd—who the Times article introduces as yet another card-carrying-and-dropping single lady—is apparently even more discreet: she drops cards into random dudes' french fries as she passes by.