“You’re A Virgin Who Can’t Drive”

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Tom Vanderbilt in Slate on Hollywood's habit of depicting non-drivers as losers:

In The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, for example, Steve Carell is that rarest of filmic creatures: a bona-fide bike commuter, shown pedaling to work, navigating the various hazards of the traffic landscape. A boon for alternative modes, perhaps, except for the fact that the bicycle, like the character's penchant for collecting action figures and his virginal status, is treated with a certain condescension. "I'm not the only person in the world who rides a bike," he protests to his co-workers, one of whom replies: "Yeah, everyone rides a bike, when they're fucking 6."

If you ask me, the openly hostile attitude towards cyclists (see also: Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Napoleon Dynamite) is more troubling than the idea that people who don't own cars are social non-persons. There are places, like NYC or even Chicago, where having a car is a genuine luxury and not having one is a class signifier. But those are also usually the same places where cycling is a viable transportation choice, except for this idea that you'll be perceived as a hipster bike nerd if you ride one.