Am I The Only One Who Uses a Text Editor to Edit Files?

Geoffrey Grosenbach: If I had no experience with computers and were to guess which group of people had the best software tools to do their job, I would guess “computer programmers.” And if I were to guess what task would have been extensively optimized, I would guess “opening files.” If you are a programmer, you […]

No more computers.

Most people wouldn't even think of file management as a feature of traditional computers; files are just always there, like grass or rocks, part of the landscape. It's not just that filesystems are ubiquitous. From a technical standpoint, especially in Unix-like systems like OS X, the filesystem really is the computer, or at least a […]

Custom time descriptions in Rails

From the helpful dudes at Thoughtbot: thanks to the new internationalization framework in Rails 2.2 and later, ends up you can easily override the text used by relative date/time helpers like time_ago_in_words by just adding some lines to your locales/en.yml file. Good to know!

Why TextMate 2 Isn’t Being Developed in the Open

If you weren't convinced already that TextMate 2 will never ship, this January 6 blog post from TM creator Allan Odgaard may seal the deal: I got a letter asking me why I didn’t use the 1.0 model for developing 2.0, that is, released 1.0 when it reached “usable” and then incrementally improved it. … […]

Yehuda Katz Reflects on Rails 3

Here wycats explains not only what's changed in the beta release, but also why it's changed, in a clear, thoughtful way that makes me feel I've been both wrong, and an asshole, about Rails 3. To wit: One of the things that most surprised and impressed me is the Rails core team’s (and especially DHH’s) […]