Web Development

Fun with HTTP

Following a series of events I won't recap here, this morning I launched Echofon for Mac to discover my password had been cleared out and instead of tweets Twitter was sending back a 401 Unauthorized response code. I clicked on the error message, expecting Echofon to give me some way of fixing it, but instead […]

DF: What if Flash Were an Open Standard?

Gruber, in discussing the current blogstorm over Apple's continued non-support for Adobe Flash in iPhone OS, touches on why Apple—who certainly have no problem with proprietary technology so long as it's theirs—are being such champs about keeping core internet technologies like WebKit free and open source: It’s indisputable that Apple seeks large amounts of control […]

Pleased to Meet You, Won’t You Guess My Name?

While working on a little Rails project this week, I discovered something very interesting (and little-documented) in ActiveSupport: Module.model_name. It's a core extension to support Rails's handling of models as RESTful resources, as in the examples below: # BlogPost is a subclass of ActiveRecord::Base @blog_post = BlogPost.find(108) # Same as render “blog_posts/blog_post”, :object => @blog_post […]