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  • Google Photos’ unguessable URLs

    The Verge’s Russell Brandom on what, at first blush, looked like a security hole in Google Photos: when you right-click an image, you get URLs that appear to be fully public and accessible by anyone. It’s not as big a deal as it seems: The short answer is that the URL is working as a […]

  • Ben Thompson on Apple’s Privacy Stance

    Ben Thompson makes a good point in today’s Stratechery Daily Update (paywalled) about Tim Cook’s privacy stance, and his comments about Google’s business model that I previously and half-jokingly described as “throwing shade”. Thompson writes: First, it’s simply not true to say that Google or Facebook are selling off your data: what they are doing is promising […]

  • Google Admits Buzz Wasn’t User Tested Prior To Launch

    News flash: Googlers and Gmail users have different ideas of how social software should behave! Says Todd Johnson, Google's product manager for Buzz: We've been testing Buzz internally at Google for a while. Of course, getting feedback from 20,000 Googlers isn't quite the same as letting Gmail users play with Buzz in the wild. Not […]

  • Stupid Search Tricks, No. 2: “Cancel Google”

    Remember those people who left a lot of angry comments on a ReadWriteWeb post that happened to be the first Google result for the phrase “Facebook login?” Well, today's search fail is even better: a blog post that happens to be the top result for the phrase “Cancel Google” is getting tons of comments from […]

  • Google Responds To Criticism, Makes Buzz Easier To Kill

    Someone in Mountain View has seen that post about the woman auto-followed by her ex one too many times. Google has announced the following changes to Buzz: Buzz is now opt-in, and users who've never turned it on are now given a prominent way to say 'no, thanks' rather than enable it. The auto-follow feature […]

  • ‘Facebook login’

    Web designers' worst nightmare come true: Fascinating. ReadWriteWeb has a weblog post that ranks highly in Google’s search results for “Facebook login”. The comments on the post are filled with complaints from confused people who think that this is the new Facebook login page. It's worth your valuable time to click through both to Gruber's […]

  • Woman Auto-Followed by Abusive Husband on Google Buzz

    This could be a thing. She writes: I use my private Gmail account to email my boyfriend and my mother. There’s a BIG drop-off between them and my other “most frequent” contacts. You know who my third most frequent contact is? My abusive ex-husband. Which is why it’s SO EXCITING, Google, that you AUTOMATICALLY allowed […]